The SatoriWest Method


  1. Being human is hard at every stage of life—all of us accumulate emotional pain.

  2. The real reason for emotional suffering is not what is happening—it comes from survival wiring in the human brain called, “Tunnel Vision.”

  3. The secret to deep meaning, peace and peak fulfillment comes from the brain’s built-in capacity for “Perspective.” 

  4. The SatoriWest Method is the journey from Tunnel Vision to Perspective using psychoeducation and BrainShifting skills, accelerated with integrated wellness. 

5. Crisis is severe Tunnel Vision—it is an opportunity to find extreme Perspective.

The SatoriWest Method© is evidence-based, translating widely-researched and prevalent Buddhist ideologies (e.g. DBT, ACT) and practices (e.g. mindfulness) in terms of the wired-in vulnerabilities and vast potential lying dormant in the human brain. Although the SW Method helps people cope with the stress of life, it has been specifically tailored to help people with mental illness and substance use disorders not only recover, but reach peak potential for life meaning, peace and fulfillment. It destigmatizes mental illness and substance use disorders, because it is universal and relates that hardship and crises can be an opportunity for great wellbeing.