Extremely impressed! My past 8 years has evolved to chronic crisis events. I have had [a] history in PT rehab, IOP [and] many alternative interventions. The more I put into this program, the more I [received] back! The psychiatrists and counseling team [showed] exceptional respect, empathy, and [compassion] to name a few. Thank you so very much! …



When I started at Cascade, I was going to leave to live in the woods while the pandemic was at its height of sensationalism. I have since been able to find perspective through the SatoriWest Method©. The staff here are amazing and informative. I appreciate all aspects of this program.



I so loved my experience! An overwhelming positive environment/staff! The PHP [program] was quite the very moderate challenge for myself. Learning “the SatoriWest Method©” has been an absolute joy and mind awakening as well. I am walking away from this all together extremely happy, confident and knowledgeable! I thank Chrystal and her peers/staff with all my heart and soul. 



I participated in the [SatoriWest] PHP program through March 2020 and was grateful for the experience. Dr. [Skolnick], Dr. Ready and Chrystal Morisette were all very understanding and showed constant care, support, and patience throughout the whole process. I felt comfortable in this positive environment. This uplifting energy was constantly shown throughout all the doctors, therapists, and staff that I interacted with. I’m grateful for this experience and looking forward to continuing the program with Cascade Behavioral Health. 


First of all, I came to the program because I was considering suicide. I had been in another inpatient program right before I came here ….. What I liked best about the program is that it is a step-by-step guide to work though problems in life and issues with other people. I had never seen another program like this and it made so much sense to me!… When..I leave here I’ll be able to work the program by myself. 


I worked through every aspect of my mental health issues and for the first time in my life I was able to see where I had Tunnel Vision and got stuck in my life. The program triggered things in me things from my childhood, things from my family and I was able to work through these things….to see a way where we can live in our lives and just be better people. 


Perspective is sort of the end of the process where we take our Tunnel Vision at the beginning and work through different areas though…BrainShifting… Perspective is getting to basically the end of a problem where you’ve really opened up your thinking and allowed other alternatives in your life. And for me, that’s really a fantastic place to be….that I’m not stuck in my life and I can look at a lot of other opportunities. I have never had a program that has shown me how to do this! 


The amazing things is that when I was 18 years old I was a giddy kid. I was out there in the world having a good time. For most of my life I have been downtrodden. I have been on medications, trying to get me to feel better. I’m ready to leave the program and I’m like a giddy kid again!…So…to people that has a message. This is worth trying.  It is worth the having the experience.