Our Vision: To evolve humanity, one brain and one life at a time, using the SatoriWest Method.© 


Our Mission: We will educate on and promote the practices of the SatoriWest Method,© which brings together secular Buddhist insights into people’s suffering and their highest potential with a Western knowledge of the brain and of life wellness. 


To achieve our vision, the SatoriWest Method will be used in a variety of different mental health and substance use disorder settings, as well as in SatoriWest LifeClubs for a wide-range of people. Participants in SatoriWest programs and SatoriWest LifeClub members are part of a tight-knit community that guides each member through a step-by-step personal transformation, seamlessly integrating their life and wellness into a “one-stop-shop” wellness program centered around tapping the full capacity of their remarkable human brain.