You get one shot at life…why live it unfulfilled, unhappy?

There are no silver bullets or simple solutions.


  • Holistic and integrated systems work best.


  • The SatoriWest Method© is centered around an awareness-enhancing series of skills called BrainShifting (meditation-like skills you use anywhere).


  • Your brain is an organ with physical, mental, social, organizational (modern life), moral and existential needs that must all be addressed while your brain is being trained.

No one can do it alone. Not us. Not you.


The SatoriWest LifeClub© is a supportive community made of HomeTeams, facilitated by a trained LifeCoach, sharing and learning about wellness and life together. Members support each other. The LifeCoach supports each member. Through weekly workshops, daily brain exercises, periodic retreats, weekly LifeCoaching, and an individual LifePlan, you will be guided through an experience unlike any other.

Ancient wisdom meets modern science.


Integrating cutting-edge, 21st century brain science, modern wellness and psychology with ancient discoveries of human potential, you can reach your highest potential in ways not available before.




The SatoriWest Method© was created by Jeff Skolnick, MD, PhD—psychiatrist, 40-year Zen meditation practitioner, former brain researcher, and doctor of Natural Health Science. Dr. Skolnick is an author, teacher and experienced clinician with the unique training and expertise to help you navigate life and the potential inside your brain.

Participation in SatoriWest programs is a unique chance for you to heal from all life has thrown at you and grow to your highest potential.