Maybe you haven't heard. Life is amazing! It can truly be what you've always wanted and needed it to be: fascinating, fulfilling and brimming with joy and gratitude! This goes for everyone. Yet, oddly, most people are struggling and stressed...and it only gets worse as we age. What gives?

This ancient dilemma has an answer that's been known for thousands of years. It's been called many things, but using 21st century science it comes down to learning how to activate your higher brain. Making the most of the neuroplasticity of your brain (that's the ability of your brain to change structurally and functionally) you can open up to the incredibleness of your life - just the way it is. It's a treasure hidden in plain view.

Our strategy to activate your higher brain is the SatoriWest Method, made up of a totally unique approach and program. Together they provide the answer that will help you unravel the ancient secret to fulfillment. You owe it to yourself to learn how to heal emotionally while taking an inward journey to the highest levels of well-being. Here's what makes up our SatoriWest Method:

Our approach:

  1. Activating your higher brain takes you out of the deep grooves of thinking, feeling and seeing - habits that cause you to suffer and stress. It helps you realize how miraculous it is to be alive.
  2. One way to activate your higher brain is through a skill we call Neural Inshifting. It's a series of brain exercises that incorporate aspects of meditation and teaches you how to open up your inner eye. From that place, you experience the exhilaration and possibilities that open up before you in the here and now as you become receptive to learning in every moment. From that place, you flow easily, spontaneously and authentically through life.
  3. Another way to activate your higher brain is through dozens and dozens of practical life-wellness strategies called Wellness Inshifting. Wellness Inshifting shows you how to arrange your life so that you can open up your inner eye to see your highest potential.
  4. Together Neural Inshifting and Wellness Inshifting make up our Neural-Wellness Inshifting (NWI) approach.

Our programs and services:

Called a LifeClub, it was engineered to include these essential elements:

  1. Introductory videos
  2. Video retreat series where you'll explore these life affirming topics:
    • You'll learn why life is and should be a gift to be cherished and appreciated, and why appreciating this gift is the path to Spiritual Awakening.
    • You'll learn why people struggle and stress in life.
    • You'll learn the difference between your lower and higher brain.
    • You'll learn to recognize your lower brain and how its lack of control sabotages your success.
    • You'll learn how to activate your higher brain, which is the path to Awakening, by finding and opening your inner eye - a virtual place in your head. And you'll learn why it's integral to your happiness.
    • You'll learn about the 6 realms of life wellness and the balance that happen within and between them.
    • You'll learn how to aim the 6 realms of life wellness to activate your higher brain.
  3. Assessment
    • A personal intake form: an in-depth sharing of issues and background.
    • LifeStyle Questionnaire
    • LifePlan©
    • LifeCoach assessment: a 30 minute interview.
  4. Monthly programs: rotating specific topics within each of the realms of wellness (physical, mental, social, cultural, moral and spiritual).
    • Workshop
    • Q&A blog
    • Conference call
    • LifeCoach live session
    • Surprises!

Remember, the SatoriWest Method has two totally unique and distinct halves! The SatoriWest Approach (which is Neural-Wellness Inshifting) and the SatoriWest LifeClub. Let them revolutionize your life!