The Journey Inward:  Unlocking the Ancient Secret to Your Brain, Life and Highest Well-Being
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Come take an inward journey with Jeff Skolnick, MD, PhD, as he unlocks an ancient discovery: There is a portal built into the fabric of your own brain! Hidden in plain sight, for thousands of years known as the Inner Eye, this workshop will show you how you can open your Inner Eye. Using 21st century neurosciences and modern perspectives you can learn what thousands of people throughout the ages have been able to achieve; how to rise above the everyday stress, regret, worry and irritations of life to reach a place of well-being, clarity and amazement. Start your journey today!

This 2-disk DVD set provides a hands-on introduction to learning the skills that have the potential to dramatically change your life. Join Dr. Skolnick as he guides you through his 5-part workshop with enlightening information and a series of exercises designed to find, activate and strengthen your Inner Eye.

Included with the set are:

  • Dr. Skolnick’s complete 5-part workshop
  • A bonus Q & A interview providing additional clarity
  • A printable PDF companion workbook filled with exercises and instruction
  • Three MP3 audio files to help guide you through your practice as you learn new brain skills
  • Special access to view 4 follow-up videos at no additional charge
  • Over 7 hours total of video and audio content!