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Awaken Your Brain: Coming Alive to Vibrant Well-Being and a New Reality

By Jeff Skolnick, MD, PhD

Ancient wisdom holds that human life is difficult for everyone. From minor stress and struggle to suffering and desperation, this human condition affects everyone - causing illnesses, emotional problems, broken relationships, and difficulty with self-improvement (to name just a few). Yet, this remarkable discovery has also passed down throughout the generations: Anyone can leave a limited existence behind to find a Utopian experience of life right inside themselves!...Called Awakening, enlightenment, satori, heaven within, etc., this state, reported in every generation by all kinds of people, is the highest state of brain functioning and experience. It fulfills your human potential for profound meaning and wisdom, amazement at each moment with existence, freedom and authenticity, success as defined by deeper values, wellness and a natural high. Yet, the promise of Awakening has been hard to fulfill for the vast majority of people, perhaps because it is expressed in religious ideology, abstract philosophy, vague notions of higher consciousness or more recently in clearer but still confusing language of mindfulness. Awaken Your brain helps you better understand the stress and struggle of the human condition, comprehend the levels of reality we normally experience, explore what an Awakened reality is, and experience the 5 step brain skill of Neural Inshifting. Completing this approach are dozens of wellness practices and principles from within physical, mental, social, cultural, moral and spiritual fields directed towards making Inshifting even more likely to happen automatically. That s the Neural-Wellness Inshifting (NWI) approach of Awaken Your Brain. Use Awaken Your Brain: Coming Alive to Vibrant Well-being and a New Reality to begin to: Transform your stress, struggles, emotional problems and even physical ailments into opportunities for growth... Improve your life with wellness practices geared towards inshifting from within the fields of physical, mental, social, cultural, moral and spiritual wellness, and most importantly... Progress towards Awakening (a higher brain reality) with spontaneous and authentic joy, amazement, well-being! Appreciate the magnitude of your existence each moment as it unfolds! Get ready to take a journey with the deepest, most integrated, concrete and direct approach to wellness, well-being and psychospiritual states you are likely to find today! Discover the secret to Awakening your brain and souring towards your fullest potential!

A new book from Dr. Skolnick is coming soon in 2020! 




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