Meet Dr. Skolnick

Dr. Jeff Skolnick

My journey began on the steps of Miami Beach High School while reading a textbook.  The author asked:  "How can the brain, made up of biological cells like in other organs, wake up to know it's alive?"  I was stunned by this insight...your brain knows it's alive right now!

That question changed the direction of my life.  Fascinated by the potential of our brain, I focused on it throughout college, medical school, a psychiatry training program and a graduate program in neuropsychology.  I've also studied it from the inside out with a Zen meditation practice for the last 30 years.

It turns out this study offers me, and you, a practical opportunity like never before.  I've discovered a path to go from the lowest and most difficult places in life to the highest level of well-being possible!  I call this The SatoriWest Method.

Join me!  Together, we'll rise out of the rat race to enjoy an astounding level of peace and happiness that comes with reaching your highest level of personal development.



Jeff Skolnick, MD, PhD is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Washington with advanced training in Neuropsychology, a doctorate in Naturopathy and over thirty years of Zen meditation practice.  He is the former medical director and chief medical officer of two community mental health centers.  Dr. Skolnick is a noted author, workshop leader and frequent speaker & media guest.

Listen to Dr. Skolnick's interview (by Peggy McColl on Hayhouse Radio) about the SatoriWest Method.
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