You get one shot. Don’t live life unhappy!


Did you know?

  • Your brain is programmed to create stress and unhappiness. That’s right: it doesn’t come from your life problems.
  • Your brain can give you a lasting, natural high and inner peace. Don’t bother looking outside for it…it’s inside.
  • Evolving your brain to its peak is the single most important thing you can do in your life. It affects everything.
  • Not evolving your brain has far-reaching consequences: life can get more and more unsatisfying and unhappy—with all varieties of irritation, nervousness, sadness and stress.


The SatoriWest Method answers the call of your stress and unhappiness.

Stress and unhappiness are signals that you need to change. Change only comes from within...your brain. Our Method helps you rewire your brain and evolve it to its peak—so that you live with no regrets, fulfilled and grateful each moment.


There are no silver bullets.

Holistic and integrated systems work best. The SatoriWest Method teaches brain development skills called BrainShifting (meditation-like skills you use anywhere). These skills are activated with brain-focused wellnesses. [Your brain is an organ with physical, mental, social, cultural (life), moral and spiritual needs. They must all be addressed while your brain is being trained.] That’s the secret to evolving to your peak.


No one can do it alone. Not us. Not you.

The SatoriWest LifeClub is a supportive community made of HomeTeams. Each HomeTeam family, facilitated by a trained LifeCoach, shares and learns about life and wellness together. Members support each other. The LifeCoach supports each member. Through daily brain exercises, workshops, retreats, LifeCoaching, and an individual LifePlan—which documents and enables your progress—you will be guided through an experience unlike any other.


Ancient wisdom meets modern science.

Integrating cutting-edge, 21st century brain science, modern wellness and psychology with ancient discoveries of human potential, you can reach your highest potential in ways not available before.



The SatoriWest Method and the various programs of the SatoriWest Brain Evolution Project were created by Dr. Jeff Skolnick—former brain researcher, experienced Zen meditator, MD psychiatrist, PhD in Natural Health Science and author. Dr. Skolnick has unique expertise to help you navigate life and the potential of your brain.


Participation in SatoriWest programs is a unique chance for you to heal from all life has thrown at you and grow to your highest potential.


People who have sought us out are:

Those seeking to reach their full human potential:

  • People dissatisfied with life and want more.
  • People who want to grow and change as much as they can.
  • People interested in peak wellbeing and wellness.
  • People involved in Buddhism or spiritual exploration and want to deepen their path.

Those whose lives are dominated by stress:

  • Parents and caregivers stressed by the pressures of caregiving.
  • People with lifestyles that cause unmanageable stress.
  • People who were handed a difficult life.
  • People who are dealing with difficult transitions, such as illness, aging and loss.

Those experiencing significant depression:

  • People with ongoing sadness, insomnia and negative thoughts.
  • People struggling with anxiety, fear and dread.
  • People in therapy or on psychiatric medications who want to add to their treatment.


The SatoriWest Method is evidence-based…

  • BrainShifting is a series of brain development skills that overlap with mindfulness techniques taught worldwide. Research on mindfulness is extensive and shows that it improves all manner of thinking, mood, relationships and physical health.
  • Current data shows that the brain can keep developing until the day you die. That’s the idea of neuroplasticity. The human brain has more neuroplasticity—can change more dramatically—than we ever thought.
  • Current research shows that true wellness is holistic—i.e. physical, mental, social, daily life, moral, and existential. All wellness must happen at around the same time and be integrated with one another.


The SatoriWest Brain Evolution Project offers many opportunities for growth.

  • A free Overview Video Series
  • A Beginners Workshop
  • A 3-Day Intermediate Retreat
  • A Wellness Overview Workshop
  • LifeClub Membership
  • Books, videos and blogs


A gradual transformation.

Going through our programs, you will experience a gradual change in yourself. Emotional healing and a sense of wellbeing are the signs that your brain is Awakening to its highest potential. Changes that are not a luxury. We need them!


SatoriWest Method.

Powerful and effective—integrating brain development with wellness in all areas of life.


SatoriWest Programs (Workshops, retreats and LifeClub).

A time-honored formula—providing a wide spectrum of education on wellness and life, professional guidance, individual support and a close-knit community.